What's Happening at MSRF?

Cleanup Wraps Up on the Methow River

Volunteers pass debris up the steep bank

The 2014 cleanup of flood debris from the Methow River has drawn to a close. MSRF would like to thank the Department of Natural Resources for supporting the cleanup effort by paying for disposal costs and coordinating volunteers, the Department of Ecology for providing two crews through the Conservation Corps, and the local river guides, landowners, and 100+ volunteers who helped to make this cleanup possible.

In all, the cleanup effort brought more than 27,000 lbs of debris to Wastewise, with an additional several thousand pounds of scrap metal taken to Cascade Concrete for recycling. Les Schwab received more than 30 tires.

Cleanup will resume in the spring, as high flows will likely expose more debris currently hidden under mud. Several larger items believed to be in the river (including a pickup truck) have not been found. If you discover something large, sharp, or potentially hazardous in the river, please contact Tara Gregg at (509) 429-5999 or Jessica Goldberg at 997-0028, Ext 4.























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