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M2 News
Methow Valley News Article: River project should provide year-round pools for fish

Issue 1: September, 2010
Issue 2: December, 2010

Issue 3: July, 2011
Issue 4: January, 2012
Issue 5: August, 2012

M2 Documents

Whitefish Island Project Design Documents:
Whitefish Island—Final
Design Report
Final Drawing Set

WDFW Floodplain Project Design Documents:

Culvert Bid Materials
Baisis of Design Report
Permits for Culvert Project
Culvert Plans

Culverts Bid Package
Tech Specs for Culverts
Guardrail Sandard Plans
Culverts Bid Package Addendum 1

Habitat Bid Materials
Bid-Set--Tech Specs
Basis of Design Report
Habitat Bid Package
Habitat Bid-Set Plan
Project Permit Package

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M2 Team

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson – President and co-founder, Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation

Chris has a BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington. For the last 10 years, Chris and MSRF have worked on numerous projects with the goal of improving fish habitat in the Methow Valley. Chris and the MSRF organization are the project sponsors for the Bureau of Reclamation. In this role, they will oversee the implementation of habitat restoration work on Reach 1 of the M2. This includes everything from design review, permit applications, landowner agreements, and funding solicitation to construction management on M2 projects. chrisj@methowsalmon.org or 509.429.1232

Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher - Ecologist and Project Manager, MSRF

Brian has a BS from Oregon State University, and has many years of experience doing fish-related work in the Methow. Currently a Methow Riverfront landowner, Brian is a Wenatchee native who has lived in the Methow Valley since 1999. In addition to project management, he examines the biological and ecosystem effects of habitat work in the M2 sites. brian@methowsalmon.org or 509.387.1716



Michael Notaro

Michael Notaro - M2 Landowner Outreach
A Methow Valley resident since 1978, Michael has been a farmer, business owner, AAU basketball coach, and LBHS volleyball coach. He has been working closely with landowners and the public on Reclamation and MSRF projects for the last 5 years. Michael coordinates landowner meetings and relays landowner concerns to the M2 implementation team. michael@mnotaro.com or 509.429.2939

Jennifer Molesworth

Jennifer Molesworth – Methow Sub-Basin Liaison, Bureau of Reclamation

Jennifer has a BA in Biology with an emphasis on aquatic ecology, and is an 19 year resident in the Methow Valley. She joined Reclamation in 2008 after serving 16 years as a Forest Service fisheries biologist for the Methow Valley Ranger District. As sub-basin liaison, Jennifer manages day-to-day operations and decisions for Reclamation in the Twisp RiverBank office. She is also responsible for coordinating operations amongst Reclamation’s various project partners, contractors, and team members. jmolesworth@usbr.gov or 509.997.0640

Tracy Drury


Tracy Drury - Senior Water Resources Engineer, Anchor QEA

Tracy and his team of scientists and engineers supplement Reclamation’s expertise with cutting-edge technology and years of experience in the field of hydraulic engineering and river restoration. Tracy will be the engineer of record for Reach 1 of the M2 project, and will work with the project implementation team to develop suitable and appropriate habitat rehabilitation designs. Anchor QEA is a nationally recognized environmental and engineering consulting firm that specializes in aquatic, shoreline, and water resource projects. tdrury@anchorqea.com or 360.733.4311 x223

Rob Richardson


Rob Richardson – Geomorphologist and Bureau of Reclamation Project Manager for M2

Rob has a BS from Oregon State University and an MS from Northern Arizona University, both focusing on geomorphology and river process. An avid fisherman, Rob previously worked for a Pacific NW engineering firm that specializes in river restoration. Rob recently joined Reclamation’s newly formed River Systems Analysis Group based in Boise, ID. rrichardson@usbr.gov or 208.378.5233