Middle Methow
M2 News
Methow Valley News Article: River project should provide year-round pools for fish

Issue 1: September, 2010
Issue 2: December, 2010

Issue 3: July, 2011
Issue 4: January, 2012
Issue 5: August, 2012

M2 Documents

Whitefish Island Project Design Documents:
Whitefish Island—Final
Design Report
Final Drawing Set

WDFW Floodplain Project Design Documents:

Culvert Bid Materials
Baisis of Design Report
Permits for Culvert Project
Culvert Plans

Culverts Bid Package
Tech Specs for Culverts
Guardrail Sandard Plans
Culverts Bid Package Addendum 1

Habitat Bid Materials
Bid-Set--Tech Specs
Basis of Design Report
Habitat Bid Package
Habitat Bid-Set Plan
Project Permit Package

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Environmental Review Overview

Middle methow watershedSEPA Checklist
The M2 Reach 1 SEPA Checklist was submitted to Okanogan County on March 15th, 2011. Two initial public scoping meetings were held to give interested citizens the opportunity to ask questions and to comment on the project:

  •  SEPA Scoping Meeting 1: April 13th, 2011, at 6:30 pm at the Winthrop Barn
  •  SEPA Scoping Meeting 2: April 16th, 2011, at 11:00 am at the Twisp Grange

SEPA Schedule and Milestones

  • March 15, 2011:
    SEPA submitted by MSRF
    • County reviews the submittal for completeness and schedules scoping meetings

  • April 13 and 16, 2011:
    Scoping meetings held in Winthrop and Twisp
    • Public comment period was open through May 18
    • County collected and recorded all comments received.
    • Comments were forwarded to MSRF

  • May 18, 2011:
    1st Public comment period ended
    • MSRF was required to respond to all comments (no time set)
    • MSRF resubmitted checklist as DEIS with a summary of comments received and responses as an attachment (no time limit)

  • March 2012:
    SEPA Checklist DEIS Resubmission
    • County reviewed for completeness and issued a final determination (15 days)
    • County advertised determination and opened a comment period (14 days +/-)
    • Publication started a 30 day comment period

  • May-June 2012:
    2nd Public comment period ended
    • County reviewed additional comments and affirmed its final determination
    • Once county affirmed, the process was complete pending a 15-day appeal period
Middle Methow riverWhat is the SEPA process?
MSRF completed an expanded SEPA review for the M2 project to allow the public to see the scope and scale of the complete project at one time. Although not required, MSRF requested that the County open up the process through scoping to allow the public greater opportunity to comment on the project.

Why a single SEPA Checklist for the project?
MSRF prepared a single checklist for the entire M2 Reach 1 project for SEPA review at the early stages of the design process. This was done in order to both meet the legal requirement that projects be presented in their entirety rather than with a piecemeal approach and to ensure that the public would be able to evaluate project components in the full context. By opening up the process through scoping before designs were complete and by providing an early opportunity for comment, MSRF was able to engage the community and give the public a voice in the design process.

SEPA Materials
The original M2 Reach 1 SEPA submittal included the following materials:

Middle Methow watershed